Amish girls really can have it all: A kindle freebie review

Book: Naomi’s Story: A romance in Amish country
Author: Melanie Schmidt
Genre: Amish Romance (although “Romance” is a stretch)
Cost: Free (as at October 2013)
Did I finish it? It was 10pm the night before I was due to leave the country for upwards of six months. I hadn’t really packed and had to be up in four hours. You bet I finished it.
Should you finish it? Nah. Unless you want to learn how to make an Amish salad. Otherwise read this instead.

Yes, Amish Romance is a genre. And what a genre. Who is it targeting? Melanie Schmidt didn’t really specify, but it’s probably safe to assume not the actual Amish, who tend to shirk all technology (kind of like the ‘me’ of a year ago, amirite?). Unless they have a hall pass are on Rumspringa. So maybe this book is for that niche market?

Or maybe it’s for people like me, who are reading with the hope of getting some insight into this enigmatic sect’s sex lives. Surely the Amish think sexy thoughts? Does the guy with the nicest buggy get all the babes? Is there special Amish underwear? Unrelated, but do the Amish swear? Do they drink rum on Rumspringa?


Kindling love

Come on Kindle light my fi-yah

As a general rule, I don’t like things that are too new or different.

I’m not sure if this is because my family was the one who waited until cassette tapes were no longer in circulation to get a DVD player, but sometimes I find myself overcome with a touch of that irritating take-me-back-to-the-good-old-days-when-kids-were-happy-to-play-with-a-doll-made-from-a-corn-cobb disdain for electronics (the internet and my iPhone will forever be exempt from this).

After years of resisting, my lovely mother offered to buy me one, and – oh my, you guys – has anyone else got a Kindle? Am I late to the party? What a marvel of modern science.